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Asch the Bloody and Richard, King of Windor by BeautyOfSound Asch the Bloody and Richard, King of Windor :iconbeautyofsound:BeautyOfSound 4 8 He Forgot His Name by BeautyOfSound He Forgot His Name :iconbeautyofsound:BeautyOfSound 2 2 That's How It Works, Luddy by BeautyOfSound That's How It Works, Luddy :iconbeautyofsound:BeautyOfSound 2 12
Faith, Trust, and Tiny Italian Cupcakes!
Faith, Trust, and Tiny Italian Cupcakes
Chapter One
May 17th, 1991
Santa Barbara Police Station
"Shawn, I really don't wanna be here...," Whined the midget-y ten year old Burton Guster. "It's scary here."
Equally midget-y ten year old Shawn Spencer scoffed at Gus's fright. "Oh come on, Gus. My dad works here. He wouldn't let anybody hurt us."
Gus didn't say anything more, but the big pout on his face said he really didn't want to take the chance that Shawn's dad might be out patrolling away from the building with all of the scary guys.
"Dude... what are you saying to me with your face right now?" Shawn asked incredulously, giving his friend's face a half disturbed, half impressed glance. "We'll only be here for a minute. I just need to tell dad that our weird neighbor is dancing on top of his roof without pants on."
Little Gus shook his head. "Man. Your neighborhood is weird."
Shawn nodded emphatically and looked around the big station. "Hey!" he called out. "I'm looking for my dad!"
:iconbeautyofsound:BeautyOfSound 0 5
A Mochitalia GIF by BeautyOfSound A Mochitalia GIF :iconbeautyofsound:BeautyOfSound 2 18
Mature content
I Hate This Part (Romano, Italy, Germany) :iconbeautyofsound:BeautyOfSound 5 7
Rose Wreath Chapter Two-Ryoma, ImpossibleBlueBloom
Rose Wreath
Chapter Two:
Ryoma – The Impossible Blue Bloom
*-*_*-* Takeshi Momoshiro *-*_*-*
Momoshiro prided himself on few things in this world.
One of...oh...maybe...four? Was his friendship with Ryoma-kun.
(The second would be always remembering things about people, like Ryoma-kun's birthday, or the fact that the only Inui Juice Fuji is not allowed to drink is that black-out blue one. Because... he... you know... blacks out.)
(The third would be beating Kaoru Kaidoh at tennis...and, well...everything.)
(The fourth would be making his momma smile. Momoshiro was a momma's boy after all.)
Momoshiro happened to be down the street from his friend's house that day, ready to take him to school. Ryoma-kun wouldn't let him in front of the house anymore, because his father would sometimes come out and annoy them both. As he waiting for Ryoma-kun, he took a moment to think about his small friend.
Ryoma-kun had barely sta
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Rose Wreath (Chapter One - Nabari, White Rosebud)
Hello, all! This is my first entry in the Prince of Tennis category. I hope you all enjoy!
A few things first. This story is not about romance. It focuses mostly on family bonds and friendship and good stuff like that. That being said, that's not to say there WON'T be romance. My personal OTP is the Thrill Pair, but like I said, romance isn't the main focus of the story, so if you prefer a different pairing, or just aren't into that, you still might like the story. Secondly, my OC, Nabari, will NOT be paired with anyone. He's 12. And furthermore, for the sake of my own sanity, Ryoma is thirteen in this. I realize he's twelve in the anime/manga. But anything romantic with a kid under his teens makes me kind of ill. This isn't preteen and pregnant, people.
That being said, I hope you enjoy my story!

Rose Wreath
Chapter One:
Nabari: A Single White Bud
*-*_*-* Shusuke Fuji *-*_*-*
It was hard to pinpoi
:iconbeautyofsound:BeautyOfSound 0 0
Hetalia Fandom Shipping Meme
1. N. Italy (Veneziano)
2. S. Italy (Romano)
3. Germany
4. Spain
5. America
6. Japan
7. UK/Britain/England
8. South Korea
9. China
10. Prussia
11. Russia
12. Switzerland
1) Have you read a five/ten fic before?
No, no I have not. But I think that would be thing single most hottest thing I ever read. XD OHHHH MYYYY GAAAAWD!!!! That...that...that would...!! OHHHH THE TINGLES...!! My fan-girl-y feels...!! ^////^
2) Do you think three is hot? How hot?
… … … … *T-Tingles...!* Um...I'm not sure if I should say. I mean. I mean. ...Yes. Ja. He's super hot. If he were a real person, I'd fantasize endlessly.
3) What would happen if six got one pregnant?
Japan got N. Italy pregnant?
I would have an instant aneurysm and die. XD XD XD XD That would be so weird...!! But oddly hilarious. ...I can't stop thinking about it now. Let's see... Japan and Italy were sitting down to have a drink one night, when Italy gets really sad because he's been having
:iconbeautyofsound:BeautyOfSound 2 0
The Magical Floating Ball by BeautyOfSound The Magical Floating Ball :iconbeautyofsound:BeautyOfSound 2 0 Cosplaying Lavi...With A Hammer!! by BeautyOfSound Cosplaying Lavi...With A Hammer!! :iconbeautyofsound:BeautyOfSound 0 4 Lavi's Hammer and Raine Sage's Staff by BeautyOfSound Lavi's Hammer and Raine Sage's Staff :iconbeautyofsound:BeautyOfSound 2 0 Keep Calm and Don't Eat The Meat by BeautyOfSound Keep Calm and Don't Eat The Meat :iconbeautyofsound:BeautyOfSound 17 2
I mostly write fanfiction, but I am also a photographer. (Amateur, of course). And I make props, so those will appear, up here, too. XD I hope you enjoy perusing my gallery!


This is very good work. The vision was there - beautiful girl floating in water, part fish, working with blue tones. Now, onto the art....


One Piece - Trafalgar Law by OnePieceWorldProject One Piece - Trafalgar Law :icononepieceworldproject:OnePieceWorldProject 1,181 33 OP - Copycat by MitarashiBoi OP - Copycat :iconmitarashiboi:MitarashiBoi 140 67 OP - Digital Love by MitarashiBoi OP - Digital Love :iconmitarashiboi:MitarashiBoi 147 46 OP - SanUso Chibi request by MitarashiBoi OP - SanUso Chibi request :iconmitarashiboi:MitarashiBoi 116 35 Sanuso After 500 Years by MitarashiBoi Sanuso After 500 Years :iconmitarashiboi:MitarashiBoi 71 15 Gift - OP, for Nirechan by MitarashiBoi Gift - OP, for Nirechan :iconmitarashiboi:MitarashiBoi 191 41 sick fires and videogames by 021 sick fires and videogames :icon021:021 2,120 55 Karkat Hug Simulator by SonicRocksMySocks Karkat Hug Simulator :iconsonicrocksmysocks:SonicRocksMySocks 2,856 651 MSPA - AU - English by NakkiStiltz MSPA - AU - English :iconnakkistiltz:NakkiStiltz 1,809 540 Karkat Vantas by TheSilverTopHat Karkat Vantas :iconthesilvertophat:TheSilverTopHat 308 32 Douchebag Shipping by flushedDeadbeat Douchebag Shipping :iconflusheddeadbeat:flushedDeadbeat 21 3 Cronkri $yaoi warning$ by flushedDeadbeat
Mature content
Cronkri $yaoi warning$ :iconflusheddeadbeat:flushedDeadbeat 42 5
Sketches by xChrononautx Sketches :iconxchrononautx:xChrononautx 97 4 Mituna,please! by applejuiceTrainer Mituna,please! :iconapplejuicetrainer:applejuiceTrainer 46 2 cronkri doodle by Suiraitei cronkri doodle :iconsuiraitei:Suiraitei 158 7 N9 fair! by applejuiceTrainer N9 fair! :iconapplejuicetrainer:applejuiceTrainer 81 5


I'm Having a Sale!

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 6, 2013, 1:45 AM

Hey! If anyone is interested, I'm selling a bunch of video games.

Pokemon Emerald (GBA) no box/manual for $20
Pokemon Silver (GB) no box/manual for $10
Pokemon Yellow (GB) no box/manual for $20
Pokemon Blue (GB) no box/manual for $10
.hack//infection Part 1 (ps2) original case with game and anime disc, no manual, for $15
Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne (ps2) game/case/manual for $10
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA) for $10
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (GameCube) for $25.
Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis/PS2, original case/artwork/and booklet/ for $8
Trauma Center: Second Opinion (Wii) for $5
Teen Titans (PS2) $5
Phantom Brave (PS2) for $5

If any is interested, comment here or message me. I can accept money through paypal. I'm saving up for a new laptop for college, so if ya'll are interested, just let me know. =D

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BeautyOfSound's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
-General Appearance...
...Geeky. LOL

...Grandmother, Grandfather, Father, (Little) Sister

-Close Friends...
...I have 7. (J-Pop, Sara-ra-ra!!, Ricky-Schwicky, Alexis-Ibbun, Key-Key-Blade, Loli-Shee, and Fly Like a Nell)

...Writing, singing, (bad) dancing, walking, reading, cleaning, OCD-organization, and decorating. XD

-Phobias / Fears...
...Spiders, cockroach's, bug in general, gigantic swarms of ladybugs, acid-spitting grasshopper's, the alien spores that live in the pages of my books that will hatch into omnivorous shadow creatures, and little Pet Shops in Chinatown with gender neutral shopkeepers (that last one also turns me on).

...Mishearing everything my best friend says and turning it against her.
J-Pop: *Watching TV* Well when you're an entry level model, that's all you are is just a pretty face. You have-
Me: *Le Gasp!* Jas! I thought you were my friend!
J-Pop: What? What?
Me: *Dramatic sobbing sound* But NO! Apparently you just think I'm a pretty face!
J-Pop: I was talking about the models on the TV, I-
Me: No! No, I get it! I thought we had something special, but now I know how you feel!
J-Pop: Kat, I, what?! You - you know I wasn't talking about you right?! Kat!
Me: Haha, of course. Everyone knows I have a pretty pair of hands too. XD)

-Best Qualities...
...My imagination. And my hair. And my eccentric clothing style.

-Worst Qualities...
...I get confused, startled, and lost easily.

...Food: Pizza, chicken, and rice. All at once. :) Also, sandwiches. And also, sushi.
...Clothing: My purple knit wrap around thing that makes me feel all snug, my spaghetti string orange tank top, my comfortable blue jeans, and my sky-blue knit scarf that goes down to my knee's even after I wrap it around my neck.

-Personal Goals...
...To write and publish a book. I'm almost half way there!
...To sing on The Voice. I don't even care if I win or not. I'd just like to sing up there. XD
...Also to get a tattoo of an open book on my left shoulder blade with a book quote underneath it. Preferably one from Harry Potter. Or Spencer's quote from the end of the episode "Derailed" from the first season of Criminal Minds.

-Commonly Used Words / Slang / Jargon...
...You loooove me, right?
...So, then they had sex, right?
...Bro (Brostache, Broella, Bro-Bro, BRO)

-Other Important Details...
...I own a shop on Etsy that sells custom-made props and whatnot for anime/video games/etc. ADVERTISING GET! lol



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I will notify you when it's done if you want to (:
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